“Danish toy giant Lego Group is forcing its senior management to sit exams about social media, in an effort to educate them about the importance of communication with customers.” – www.marketingmagazine.co.uk

With social media becoming an ever important factor in modern marketing campaigns, we’re starting to see that those that don’t get tweeting can quickly fall behind the competition. If you haven’t already got company accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc, why not? It’s been reported that social media lead-to-close rates are up to 100% higher than that of outbound marketing, and 80% of customers actually prefer to connect with businesses through social media sites like Facebook.

It’s clear that customers are becoming increasingly attracted to communication in short-form. Selling yourself in 140 characters or a six second video can be challenging, but it grabs the readers attention. We find it’s the same with our corporate marketing videos, they tend to be more successful if they look great, and can get our client’s message across in a minute or less.

In the fast paced world of twitter trends, businesses have got to keep up to stay on top. It’s about staying connected with your audience, and embracing change.

We may be seeing more big companies taking on social media exams in the future!

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