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You’ve spent weeks planning your corporate video production, entrusted the services of a professional video production company for the shoot and now your video is almost finished – but where are you going to put the final product?

If the answer is on your website or YouTube channel, you’re heading in the right direction, but to really improve the chances of your video being seen you need to think about how you can use social media in your campaign.

At this point in time, most marketers understand the value of social media, especially the impact that these new platforms can have on the way your business is portrayed. However a truly successful campaign in 2014 means collaborative marketing between platforms, and video should definitely be a part of this.

Instead of uploading your video to YouTube and just hoping that it will go viral, you need to get it out there and show it to as many people as possible! Here are a few tips for getting your video seen and taking advantage of those social media platforms.

It’s no good sharing your YouTube link with the masses if you lead them to a video with a blurry thumbnail, a title that still includes the file format and little to  no description. You need to ‘dress your shop window’ and optimise your video so that it looks appealing and has plenty of information for the viewer. First impressions are everything, so give your video a proper title and verify your YouTube account so that you can upload a custom still for your thumbnail.  If your video is designed to advertise a product or service, explain what these are in your description so that your keywords can be picked up by Google, and include a link to your website and contact number in the first few lines – you need to make it as simple as possible for viewers to get in touch with you.

There’s not really a choice in which social media platform you use for your business, ideally you need to be using and sharing you content across them all. Having said this, linking your profiles together or doing a simple copy/paste doesn’t always do the trick. Followers like to see engaging content specific to the platform they’re using to view the post. Seeing a Facebook post with a Twitter handle in the text can be enough to stop people liking your business page, and shows a certain lack of attention to detail. Hashtags however are used across various social media sites, and should be used to associate your post with other relevant content.

The previously overlooked social network is expected to make it big this year, and so it’s important that you start sharing just as much on G+ as you do on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. If like most businesses you’re investing a lot into SEO to get up those Google rankings, you’ll be aware of how important search engine marketing is, and it stands to reason that the worlds biggest search engine would prioritise it’s own social network over it’s competitors. As Google owns YouTube, you can easily link your G+ to your YouTube channel and share your content instantly.

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