Why Sound Design Is Important For Your Production

Sound design is the process of obtaining, manipulating, controlling or creating audio elements. Be it feature films, corporate video, theatre or music production it is extremely important. Sound designers are the unsung heroes of video production. Their work often goes unnoticed and if it does feel natural, like it was recorded at the same time as the image then it has been done correctly.

mic1All you have to do is look at the video we shared this morning, regarding a certain Mr. Vader’s performance before James Earl Jones’ menacing voiceover was added, to see the importance of sound design. But just incase that wasn’t a big enough reason, here’s some more!

Videos are an audiovisual medium. Most of what we take in, the messages or the emotional connection we get from characters in a video, are not just based on what we are looking at, but what we are hearing. Example: A simple scene with a man waking up in his apartment with no dialogue. You might think this scene is pretty pointless But it is telling and developing a story. Perhaps there is the sound of car horns and people shouting outside the window, or his neighbours television coming in through the wall.  These things would imply that he doesn’t have a lot of money, can’t afford to live in the nicest area of town. Instead he lives in an apartment by the motorway, where the walls are too thin and his neighbours just don’t care. These sounds give you an insight into the character’s environment and lifestyle. An environment that the director wants you to see and hear. Even if we don’t notice it, we are taking it in. It’s been put there purposefully to give you a message and put you in a specific environment sought out by the director.

Just think, if they wanted you to think the man was wealthy, would the sound be different? Absolutely.

Nothing you hear in a video is there by accident. If you’re hearing it then that means it was put there. If the filmmakers didn’t want it in there – they would have taken it out! So if you’re planning on embarking on a video production, remember that sound is half the battle!

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