Standing Out From The Crowd: Your Online Video

Over Six billion hours of video is watched every month, so how are you going to make sure your video is the one that everyone notices? In a sea of online video content here are a few tips to help you get your video noticed:

Video Quality

Think of your online video production as your company’s shopfront, its the first thing most people will see of you, so would you want it to appear messy or unkept? No it would look smart and clear so that it would portray that image. Online video is exactly the same. You need to make sure you get the best quality available so that you can show your brand, company or product in the best possible way. Shooting in a higher resolution means you can also crop or edit a shot without losing any video quality.

mobile video production

Make your Video for Mobile

Over half of all YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices, with most of those devices able to handle HD quality content. Additionally, more and more people are watching online video whilst on the go with their phones or tablets, so in those short moments when they’re watching content how do you make sure that its your video their watching? Make it short. Script it so that you can get your main message within 60 seconds, if you can grab viewers attention within those seconds then they’re likely to follow up your video by checking out your brand’s website.

Motion Graphics

Using motion graphics can be another method that can make your video stand out. Motion graphics can present information in a quick digestible way as well as helping to organise facts and figures, by combining audio and images. By using motion graphics within video can increase the likelihood that new information will be retained.

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