Should You Use A Steadicam On Your Corporate Video?

In the past, to get smooth looking video, filmmakers would opt to use dolly tracks or traditional weighted steadicams, which looked great but were quite expensive, required specialist training and would take a long time to set up. With the introduction of affordable motorised steadicams, filmmakers have totally changed the way they film.

Since the advent of motorised steadicams, such as the DJI Ronin, these motorised steadicams are becoming more affordable and popular. Video professionals are using them as replacements for the camera stabilisers of the past.

But why should you invest money in this piece of kit? How can it help benefit your corporate video production?

“Steadicam systems have the ability to take your corporate video to the next level.”

It Offers Flexibility

One great thing about motorized steadicams, is that they offer you a lot of flexibility. Firstly, they’re fairly quick to set-up. Which may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a god send when you’ve got a lot of footage to capture in a short space of time.

They also don’t take up loads of room – especially when put next to their traditional counterparts. This means you’ve got a lot more options when it comes to where you can actually film with it.

They also offer you flexibility when it comes to the type of shots you can capture. Motorised 3-axis steadicams offer the flexibility to capture smooth walking shots you’d expect from a steadicam system; as well as beautiful pans and tilts that you would expect from an expensive jib set up.

Smooth Footage

The main reason for getting your video production team to bring a motorised steadicam on your next shoot is for the beautifully smooth footage it can capture. Nothing says “amateur video” quite like overly shaky footage.

So if you know that there will be a lot of movement involved in your next corporate video, you’ll want a steadicam system.

Take Your Video To The Next Level

There’s no two-ways about it, using a motorised steadicam system can really help take your corporate video to the next level. Don’t get us wrong, you can still make an awesome video without them. But filming with a steadicam system really helps add some kinetic energy to your footage.

The movements don’t have to be too dramatic either, they can just be subtle sliding movements that add a huge amount of production value.

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