Look At Us Go! More Corporate Video Award Wins For Holler

In recent weeks we have been successful in winning two prestigious creative video awards. We have won Gold in the Muse Creative Awards for one of our recruitment videos, and Gold for a testimonial video we shot out in Texas, earlier in the year!

Playtech Recruitment – Muse Creative Award – Gold

The Recruitment video that won Gold in the Muse Creative Awards was one that we shot with Playtech, designed to promote their exciting, bubbly working environment to potential employees.

During pre-production, we worked closely with Playtech to ensure that we fully understood their requirements to make this video work. They wanted the video to be fun, high energy, and to encourage potential employees to apply. This video was ultimately for publication on Playtech’s website, YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

We decided that, in order to make the video reflect the company’s fun working environment, we would create bespoke graphics to mirror what the interviewees were saying.

We filmed with Playtech over a whole day. We used a two-camera set up for the interviews, and also captured B-Roll of the environment too. We wanted the interviews to be natural and informal. Therefore, we conducted the interviews so that everyone was relaxed and could easily put across their enthusiasm for Playtech within their positions and roles.

“We flew to Dallas, Texas, for a one day shoot”

8020/Avinode Leviate Air Testimonial

Our Gold Hermes Creative Award came from a testimonial video we shot for Avinode/8020 in Texas about Leviate Air and how they’ve used the Avinode software to grow their Jet charter business in the US.

This was obviously an exciting project for us, as it meant sending a three-person crew across the pond. We quickly worked on finding the most cost effective and efficient logistics to keep the costs down for our client.

Once the flights were booked, we agreed a treatment plan for Avinode/8020, similar to that of the one we used in a previous testimonial for them. We then flew to Dallas, Texas for a one day shoot, with a day either side for acclimatisation/travel. On the shoot day, we filmed multiple interview set-ups in and around the office in Dallas, before moving to an airfield to capture some sharp, eye-catching B-Roll of the Jets!

We’re very proud of both of the videos, and thoroughly enjoyed working with both clients. Click the boxes below, to watch the video now!

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