Holler’s Favourite Christmas Ads

As Christmas approaches, the anticipation of new batch of Christmas Ads is most definitely upon us. As the top stores try to battle it out for the best Christmas ad, we get the annual influx of pet penguins and cross country snowmen flooding our TV’s, let us take a look back and appreciate some of the classics!

Tash – Producer

Coca Cola Holidays Are Coming (1995)

Every year as soon as this appears on the telly, Christmas has begun – in my world at least! There’s something about those bells combined with that ‘Holidays are coming’ chant that is now ingrained within me. I get a teeny pang of excitement and it instantly puts a smile on my face – like it did when I was a kid.

Why is it the best? Good old nostalgia and it’s stood the test of time. The lit up truck is iconic – not a penguin in sight…!


Brad – Assistant Producer

Aldi Australia (2014)

I’ve gone International for my favourite Christmas advert. It’s pretty well noted that supermarkets are the big hitters when it comes to Christmas adverts, however the UK chains always seem to go down the same road, try and make the viewer cry.

That’s not the case with this advert coming all the way from Aldi Australia, implying we should try something different this Christmas. The randomness does intrigue me, nevertheless it’s a fun, comical advert that really does shine for me.


Roxy – Assistant Producer

Yellow Pages Mistletoe (1992)

Everyone loves a story of young love at Christmas time! A young boy is desperate for a festive kiss under the mistletoe but isn’t quite tall enough, so he grabs the good old Yellow Pages to stand on.

Not only does this ad appeal to me as a “vertically challenged” person, but it’s a great example of showing the lighter side of your brand and has become an absolute classic!

Harry – Production Assistant

John Lewis The Journey (2012)

I’m not sure what I like more – the Peter Jackson style cinematography as the Snowman scales the icy mountain, the song, or the face he pulls when he is A) about to cross the river and B) hiding behind the dumpster. Either way it set the Christmas Advert standard, not just for John Lewis but for every high street store. Many worthy successors have tried to take a shot at the title but in my humble opinion – none have succeeded!


Matt – Head of Production

Fosters Christmas Ad (1987)

From a time when it was OK for people to drink and smoke on primetime TV ads, this was a classic.  Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan did a series of these, playing a bewildered Aussie in Britain, playing up to all the stereotypes on both sides.  For years, punchlines like – “Struth, there’s a bloke down there with no strides on!” – were pub and playground favourites.  All very dated now but definitely of its era and probably part of the reason Foster’s is still around as a brand today when other 80s beers simply disappeared.

So there you have it! Our favourite Christmas Ads. We hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane as much as us! Let us know if you have any worthy contenders for the list!
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