Holler’s Favourite Viral Videos of YouTube

Here at Holler we love a laugh, and we when we do find something that tickles us we tend to share it. The videos below may not be the most viral videos of all time, however they had us in stitches and we want to make sure you don’t miss out. Enjoy!

Charlie Bit My Finger – 805,660,668 views

How many times have you heard a reference to this!? It goes to show that babies are hilarious, and people  clearly love watching babies being hilarious. One of the most viewed videos on YouTube, Charlie and his older brother will always be remembered, if not recognisable. Have you seen a recent picture of them?

How Animals Eat Their Food – 109,554,486 views

Stupidity at it’s best, and people seem to love it.  This video was shared 120,000 times in the first couple of weeks, taking animal eating to the masses. We all know how these animals act/eat, but who knew watching a human imitate the actions would be so funny. His friend does a cracking job of keeping his laughter under control, which I struggled to do.

JK Wedding Entrance – 87,723,496 views

Want some inspiration for your wedding? This has to be at the top of the list when it comes to wedding entrances. Not a lot is going to top this. The choreography is well thought out, everyone that is involved knows their part, and the hand stand walking is pretty professional, blowing everyones mind. The video is cheesy from the outset, but were the sunglasses really a necessity, they’re inside?!

David After Dentist – 127,178,752 views

Another kid being hilarious. No one enjoys going to the dentist really, but if I came out every time talking this much gibberish I’d be visiting every week.  David clearly has come to terms with how he feels, and his father clearly thinks his reaction is too funny not to share with the world.

Sneezing Panda – 215,548,431 views

Who knew a Panda doing something so simple would tickle people so much. It goes to show that sometimes random things work so perfectly. Clearly it was the first time the mother Panda had heard her baby sneeze, because her reaction is priceless!

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