Holler’s All Time Favourite Christmas Films

At the start of the week we shared our favourite Christmas adverts over the years, we’ve stepped it up a notch and moved onto films. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks because there were some controversial suggestions for Christmas films, Die Hard being one of them, but I think the films mentioned below include some of the best. Enjoy!


Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 09.28.02Roxanne –  Assistant Producer

Elf (2003)

How is this film over 10 years old?! A firm favourite among many Will Ferrell fans, and kind of a modern cult classic, I’ll happily watch this at any time of the year!

Despite being over 6ft tall and having no talents when it comes to making toys, Buddy has spent his life thinking he’s one of Santa’s elves. On the shock discovery that he is in fact Human he travels to New York to meet his less than impressed Father.

It’s the typical silly humour you’d expect from Will Ferrel, with the always lovely but weirdly blonde Zooey Deschanel and it’s just happy Christmassy viewing!


Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 09.27.37Brad – Assistant Producer

Home Alone (1990)

Without fail I watch this film every December. Even though it is only the first week, it’s already been viewed.

Macaulay Culkin is just incredible in this, from pretending to shave, to pigging out on ice cream and all the other crazy antics he seems to get up to in this film., he really does a great job of putting you through all the emotions.

The fact that the comedy duo of Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern struggle to rob an 8 year old child is fairly corny, however the film does bring plenty of joy and laughter. 10/10 for me, not only as a Christmas film but an all time film.


Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 09.28.56Tash – Producer

Love Actually (2003)

It’s been a tradition of mine for a few years now to put this on whilst wrapping my presents. I wasn’t bought up on the usual Xmas films but when this came out I fell for it instantly. Being a sucker for a rom com at the best of times, having one involving Mummy Emma Thompson, Prime Minister Hugh Grant, Daddy Liam Neeson, Grumpy Alan Rickman, with lovely Colin Firth and Keira Knightly thrown in for good measure – is a winning combination! Richard Curtis knows what he’s doing.

Love the soppy-ness mixed with comedy from the likes of pop star Bill Nighy and that guy off of My Family. Favourite scene has to be Hugh Grant dancing down the stairs to Girls Aloud. Love it!


Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 09.29.22Harry – Production Assistant

The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)

What’s not to love? The Muppets clan crossed with the quintessential British Novel, which coined the image of a white Christmas. Throw in one of Michael Caine’s most memorable performances and put Jim Henson’s son behind the camera and you’ve got yourself a timeless Christmas movie!




Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 09.28.38Matt – Head of Production

The Snowman (1982)

Being the oldest in the office, I actually remember this coming onto the TV for the very first time.  There’s something warm and comforting about it – like a hot chocolate on a cold day.  My kids now happily watch it – even in the Summer.  For me, if I see this on the TV I know it’s Christmas.






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