The Different Types of Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is a highly effective way for any business to market their products or services, and grow their brand. Having professionally produced video on your website or social media channels will drive an increase in brand awareness, and massively boost your SEO results. Below are just some of the different styles of B2B corporate video content that we produce at Holler:

Product Videos

Product videos are a simple way for businesses to showcase everything that their product is able to do, often in under two minutes. However, despite a short duration, these videos need to include enough detail and specifications to inform the consumer about the product’s key features and USP, and what makes it better than competitor’s products. The better a product video video is, the more likely a consumer is to follow through with a purchase, so these are absolutely vital.

“It is often said that the human face is the most powerful tool in marketing.”

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a highly effective way for businesses to give their customers a concise overview of the products or services that they offer, and are often used as an alternative to a text article which would deliver the same messages. Visualising a product or service will likely give your customer base a far better understanding of what it is, and also increase their engagement and willingness to invest in or purchase it.

Interview Videos

While great looking B-Roll is generally an important aspect of any corporate video production, it is often said that the human face is the most powerful tool in marketing. Showing a talking head increases consumer trust and is an effective way to personalise large corporate brands. Additionally, it is a simple and effective way to relay information to the viewer.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a strong way of gaining credibility and increasing trust in your brand. While reading a well-written, impartial review about a product is helpful, it is exponentially more engaging for a consumer to watch a professionally shot video that shows a fellow consumer reviewing a product or service. For businesses based primarily in the online market, this type of video content is essential.

Event Videos

Event videos have a number of uses. They can be used to give an overview and flavour of an event for people who may have been unable to attend, and also as a promotional tool to increase attendance at future events. They can also be shared online or shown to new clients or investors.

If you would like to find out more about any of these types of corporate video, or are interested in your own production, please feel free to contact us today to see what we are able to offer.

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