The Importance of Colour Grading on Your Corporate Video

Is it important to have colour grading on your corporate video? The simple answer is yes, and in fact it’s something you can expect your video production company to do for you. At Holler, this is something we include as standard.

But why is it important to have colour grading on your video, and what is it? By colour grading your video, we are essentially tweaking the colours, highlights, shadows, amongst other things, to create the best looking shot possible. It’s an excellent way to bring the colours out of a shot that otherwise might be quite flat/dim and if used well, certainly helps your video to stand out.

“You can use colour grading to help put across the mood of your video.”

Also, by using colour grading, you can convey a mood across to your viewer. For example, if you wanted a more upbeat and happy feeling video, bright colours could be brought at more and where possible solar flares brought in. Contrarily, in a lower pace video, you may use colder colours to bring through that emotion.

If you don’t quite like the look of your next video, make sure to ask your production company to tweak it, at Holler, It’s all included in our costs.

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