Why Too Much Information Is Bad For Your Company Promo


AUGUST, 2016

Why too much information is
bad for your company promo

A video is a great tool to show off your business, give people an insight into your company and what you’re all about. However, you don’t want to give too much away, you want to get people excited and get in touch. People deal with people, if you give them everything they need to make a decision in one go, there’s no personal touch.

Don’t Overload Your Company Promo

One of the great hooks in to any sale is to leave the potential customer excited about your product as a result of the company promo, but also with questions they need answering. Answers they can only get directly from you. This will prompt them to make contact with you or your sales team and from there on in, it’s the value of your offer or your sales training that can get them over the line.

However, if your company promo tells the viewer all they need to know, then unless they are super-excited about the product, they are less likely to get in touch to make further enquiries, meaning you’ve lost a lead.

On the flip-side, a company promo that is too vague simply will not engage the viewer, so those leads just will not be generated at all.

“Too much information could overload the viewer. Doing more harm than good.”

Articulate the Key Points in your Company Promo

Your company promo needs to convey the main points that your trying to make in as simplistic a way as possible. There is a balance to be struck but, when it comes to commercial videos, often the old saying of ‘less is more’ is accurate.

If you’re using the promo to introduce a new product to the market, then the viewer does not need a history about your business. They will not be concerned at this point how you started or what your first product was. That is unless you’re producing a follow-up to a hugely successful product, but then your video promo is likely to have an audience already if that’s the case.

If someone takes the time to open your video and hit play, they want as much information about the product or service as possible, without investing great amounts of time.

Motion graphics can be used to help the viewer to visualise and understand any key words, features of descriptions that you need to convey. This removes the need for a long video with endless subtitles or boring scripts.

Your video should be short, sharp and punchy. Aim for a length of around two minutes, certainly no more than five. Long videos are another turn-off for many viewers on YouTube.


Scripting Your Company Promo Video

Finally, your script is of vital importance when planning your company promo and is a valuable tool for ensuring you do not put too much information in to it. Carefully plan out your key points, and work on a script that will allow you to deliver this information in line with what we’ve discussed. Keep in mind any techniques and editing that will help, and ensure your script is polished and practised. A poor and unpolished script will ruin a video, and probably result in too much information being delivered in a non-engaging way.

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