Let’s take a look at our top 5 video testimonials and how to makes yours a good one. The best way to sell yourself to a new client is for them to hear how other people have benefitted from working with your business. Yes they can

read through reviews or look at pull out quotes on your website but you want something that’s going to catch their eye and connect with them personally. The best way to do this is by creating a video testimonial.


We have gathered together our top 5 video testimonials to showcase to you how effective they can be when done right!




For this video our crew headed out to the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Filming in an amazing office space, which was full of friendly people, the location really helped make the video. Being able to tie in some bright b-roll of the client using the product, alongside the interviews complementing the softwares services really does paint the best picture of the business. In this example we chose two different interview spots and utilised the bright work spaces dotted around the space. We really could have spent multiple days filming there, it had so many opportunities!




Filmed just after the lockdowns had ended in Paris, France. This shoot allowed our crew to really capture the client using the product. It was clear from the interviews how much the product benefitted them and this testimonial worked extremely well to show any prospective clients what Radiant Vision Systems has to offer. The b-roll was shot in a cinematic style which was then enhanced even more when in the edit suites back at HQ with a smart colour grade and interesting and stylish text pullouts and graphics throughout.





Not all testimonials have to come from a client. When on a recruiting drive it can be a valuable asset to have testimonials from your own employees. These not only showcase the workplace itself but the people who work there. This specific testimonial was shot for Dell and does a really good job of showing prospective employees what it is like to work at the company from both a personal and work perspective. Its short and sweet, in todays world people dont have a lot of time to watch through a long video so this example was made specifically to be punchy and engaging as well as being informative to any prospective employees.  




Testimonial videos establish an industry leadership feel to your business that in turn builds trust with your returning and new customers. When you hear someone saying positive comments about a company your instant reaction is that the company must be successful otherwise they wouldn’t be receiving praise. A survey found that 70% of people will trust a recommendation even if it’s from someone they don’t know. While that is great you don’t want anybody in front of the camera trying to praise your business. It’s important you find someone who is enthusiastic, authentic and trustworthy. All these things then carry over to your brand.


Testimonial videos are memorable and much more shareable than a simple review. It is statistically known that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is from visuals. Videos stick in your head more with visuals being processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. One final benefit not to overlook is the shareability factor. Videos can easily be shared, retweeted, emailed and more with the click of just a few buttons. When content is electronically sharable it is having the same effect as in-person word-of-mouth.