Why You Need A Trade Show Video



Why You Need A
Trade Show Video

Whether you’re a large global organization or a local SME, trade shows are still one of the best ways to generate more business leads.

It’s a really effective way of keeping your current customers sweet, building a more trusted and reliable brand and, crucially, meeting new customers.

As like with most things in business, competition at trade shows can be quite intense. This makes it super important that you make every effort to impress, ensuring your event stand is eye-catching and draws people in. If you take a look at all the busiest event stands, you’ll probably notice that they all have a great video. That’s not a coincidence.

That’s because video is so much more engaging than your standard information leaflet. It’s the kind of thing that will make people stop and stare; allowing you to start the conversation and build the lead. Below are some things to consider for your amazing trade event stand video.

“Trade Show Videos can be the difference between a busy stand and a quiet stand”

Don’t Rely on Sound.

One of the more common mistakes people make when they’re planning a trade show video is that they forget about the environment the video is going to be played in. Your event stand video will most likely be played in a large venue with hundreds of people. So if your video is relying on sound to convey important information, chances are people won’t be able to hear it. So you should make sure that your video is as effective without sound, as it is with sound. If there are key buzzwords you want to drive home, using bold text on screen, or stylish motion graphics can be an effective way of getting that across.


High Quality

Maybe on of the most important factors when it comes to trade stand video; do not compromise on quality. We can’t stress enough how important quality is if you’re trying to win more business. Your video is your shop window, so the quality of your video should be a reflection on the quality of your products. We’re not just talking about how good the video camera is either. Anyone can pick up an expensive video camera and film HD video; it takes real experience and expertise to shoot and edit a stunning trade show video. So if you want to blow the socks off your competition and really impress your clients, you really ought to bring in the professionals.


Any Screen

Think about what kind of screens you will have available at your event. Will they be your standard wide screens, vertical screens or completely custom screens? Having custom screen sizes means that your video production team will have to think about the production in a slightly different way. Holler has lots of experience in creating video for any screen. Whether that’s a vertical screen or a custom screen, we know exactly how to make it work.


If you’ve got a big trade show coming up, you really need to be including video into your trade event stand. It could be the difference between securing a big business lead and just another passer-by.

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