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In this new blog series, we want to share with you some useful business tools, that are especially handy when planning, creating, publishing and marketing your corporate video. We will be regularly discussing various tools we use to increase the efficiency of our production process, by helping us to collaborate with our clients, and provide a more streamlined workflow.

The first of these tools is known as “”. This is an online video review service that allows collaborators to comment, timestamp, or even draw on a single frame of video in order to give their feedback. Essentially, allows our clients to give specific feedback which we are able to see in realtime, allowing us to make precise and accurate changes.

“ allows clients to give specific and realtime feedback on their videos”

Is Difficult To Use? really isn’t too difficult to use, in fact it’s actually pretty intuitive. The controls are laid out clearly, while the interface is fairly minimalist and easy to understand. What’s more, if you work with us on a project, we will share with you a “Guide to”, detailing the specifics that you will need to know for your project with us.

Do I Need to use

Absolutely not. Although if you’re working with us on your video project, we strongly recommend that you do give it a try. It can massively increase project efficiency and reduce the risk of any misunderstandings on amendments to the video.

Where Can I use

Virtually anywhere. Whether you’re at your desk, on a desktop, on a laptop, or even on your mobile, you can always access There is a purpose built mobile app, so you can make comments on your video project even whilst on the move!

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