Using An Advert Video Production Company

Online video advertising is becoming the fastest growing medium and the biggest contender to TV promotion. There are many forms of videos that an advert video production company can help you with from “How to” guides and training videos to infotainment clips. There is a huge variety of video styles, which is a testimony to the size of the online video community, why should your company get involved with the production of videos for your marketing campaign?

Video is an increasingly influential medium

A creative clip from an advert video production company uses sound and vision to engage users on a more personal level that script and audio alone can’t offer. A moving graphic can teach, entertain and stir emotions by using imagery, speech and music to impact the viewer on an escalated level. Recent research has revealed that over 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video advertisement due to its ability to connect. Business Banter highlights how cinematic corporate videos can be embedded with triggers around it to attract the viewer in once they have watched the clip. Matched with high quality related content, the conversion rate is phenomenal.

Video has the largest share of global online traffic

From cute cats to space documentaries, audiences are using video as their medium of choice over any other form. According to a report from Cisco, 78% of consumers watch at least one clip per week and 55% of them watch at least one moving graphic per day. Along with the general consumer, 92% of business to business executives watch videos online. The global viewership for videos is expected to increase to 84% in three years, further showing that reliance on video as a source for information is continuously on the increase. It would take someone over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global networks each month in 2018. Every second, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the network by the same year.

Video is easily shared

There are over 700 YouTube links shared on Twitter every single minute. If you’re a London based a start-up looking to make a grand arrival on the world wide web, using a UK advert video production company to create a launch promo could enable your product to be shared online by the second. Yahoo Finance reported that Facebook bought LiveRail in 2014. LiveRail is a video advertising medium. The acquisition now allows Facebook to monetize video inventory efficiently. If Facebook sees the future in video advertising then there is no excuse for other companies to miss out.

Search engines prioritise video

Getting on the first-page on Google is harder than ever as the search and indexing algorithms continue to grow in complication. However Google has given more attention to displaying videos and images towards the top of the first page, and pushing down traditional pages that would have previously been given the top spots. Forrester Research stated that videos were 53 times more likely than standard pages to receive an organic first-page ranking on search engines. Video increases the time spent on your site with visitors spending on average 2 minutes longer than standard, which in turn increases the site’s search engine ranking.

Thinking of using video for your next campaign? Holler offers a wide range of high-quality production services.  We work from our offices in London and Surrey. Whether it’s a Kickstarter video production or cinematic corporate videos, we film for clients all over the UK, Europe and the world.

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