Video Accessibility: Breaking Through Barriers


AUGUST, 2016

Video Accessibility:
Breaking Through Barriers

As a society we are becoming more and more diverse, as a general population and in the workplace. As society develops we are becoming more and more accessible to minority groups and more businesses are reaching out further across the globe.


Because of this, those in the corporate and public sector industries need to find methods of reaching out to as people in our diverse population as possible, whether in terms of ethnic groups, language, gender orientation and ability.

“The world is becoming a more diverse place”

So when it comes to promoting a product, service or campaign – what can businesses do to ensure they are as accessible as possible and making everyone feel equal? Well we think the answer is simple: video.

The one issue when faced with a diverse group is the so-called ‘barriers’ that may exist that can make communication difficult. In the marketing and communications world it is crucial to remove as many barriers as possible.

With Video, these barriers don’t even need to exist. There are a plethora of options that video can offer that can allow people to easily access your product or service and understand the message you are wanting to get across.


This is the most obvious. Of course moving images can help define your product or service to people who may have limited understanding of your language or even hearing impaired.

Text And Graphics

By adding subtitles, text graphics or animations – this can greatly help those who again have limited understanding of your language and are perhaps hearing impaired.


By adding tools such as voice-over and music, this enables those who may be sight impaired to access your product. It also adds an extra layer of information and atmosphere to really help bring that message home.

The possibilities of video are endless, and there are many tools, techniques that can be used to help business reach out across populations and minorities.

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