A Video Maker’s Christmas List 2016



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Let’s face it, Christmas shopping is hard. You’ve got to buy loads of gifts for friends and family and you just don’t know where to start. Lots of people are easy to buy for; parents always appreciate boozy beverages and new slippers. But there aren’t many people who are harder to buy for than people who make video. Well, as always, Holler have got you covered with this list of cool items for that video making person in your life.


There’s nothing video makers like more than showing off their latest cool video. They spend weeks (sometimes months) on a cool project and they want to share it with as many people as possible. So rather than getting everyone to huddle around their smartphone, why not get them a smartphone projector? That way they can show off their masterpiece to everyone in a way that will do their big production justice.

WARNING: It might mean that you have to suffer sitting through all of their other cat videos they’ve filmed on their camera phone.


There’s nothing worse for a video producer than when you’re working on set and your phone runs out of battery. You need to call the office or you need to contact the client on location but you can’t. Save them from this nightmare with the Pebble powerbank. Small, stylish and convenient; it provides your phone with one full emergency charge up. Nightmare over.


One thing to know about people who make video, is that they find it very hard to switch off. No matter if they’re on set working or down the park with the family, they’re creative minds are always working. They can’t always carry their video camera around with them; sometimes the best camera you have is the one you have with you. Most of the time that ends up being your iPhone. So getting them some little lenses for their iPhone will really help lift the quality of their home videos. They’ll love it.


Cars are fuelled by petrol and video editors are fuelled by coffee. When they’re in the middle of an edit, it can be really difficult for editors to find a moment to escape the edit suite for a cuppa. But this wifi coffee maker will allow them to control everything without having to get out of their chair. Meaning minimal precious time is wasted.


Who doesn’t love a novelty gift?! This cool light has the authentic look of a cinematic clapperboard whilst also lighting up. You can even personalize it how you like with the dry-wipe pen and eraser. Just push down the clapper and watch the words light up.



Released in late 2016, the DJI Mavic is the latest in the line of very successful drones from DJI. It’s being billed as the drone of the year. Its lightweight, portable (it can fit in a backpack) and boasts a whole host of mind-blowing features for something of its size and price. It’ll still set you back around £900, but can you really put a price on happiness?

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