Why Is Video Marketing So Important In 2018?

If you have been following digital trends at all this year, then it will be no surprise to you that video shaped the world of marketing more than ever in 2017. Video has now become a crucial part of any corporate content strategy. But is this trend set to continue?

Currently, over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook everyday . In four years time, online video traffic will be over 80% of all consumer internet traffic and every second of every day, 15,000 hours of video content is uploaded across the internet, that’s almost 2 years!

“Video marketing was huge in 2017 and that trend is set to continue in 2018.”

More and more video is being watched by consumers, who are therefore expecting to see video content from everyone. 2017 has seen a vast increase in businesses using video for marketing and many have engaged with influencers to help. According to Forbes, this increase in the use of video marketing has shown that “video is driving the purchase behaviour of the consumer, whilst also creating stronger customer engagement.” So it is a no brainer that professional promotional video content should be included within your 2018 marketing strategy, as this trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing.

Social media is certainly the driving force behind increasing amounts of video traffic, with 82% of Twitter’s 330 million users watching video, 5 billion daily views on YouTube and almost a billion users on Instagram, there really is an endless audience out there. However it is important that you understand which types of video work on each social media platform for optimal results.

Video marketing has become the most effective way of engaging with audiences, and is an area that will play an increasingly critical role in determining whether marketing campaigns are successful or not in the future. 

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