Corporate video is changing.

Your audience is mobile. You should be too. Here’s why. 

Corporate video has always been approached in a similar way to creating factual television shows. The thought has often been that the more information you can squeeze into a half hour show, or a 10 minute corporate video, the better. It’s not that the way we’ve all been making corporate videos in the past is wrong, but the game is changing as we speak.

Since the launch of the iPad back in April 2010, the tablet and mobile scene has boomed. It’s becoming increasingly unusual if you don’t have some kind of mobile device, whether it be an iPhone, a Google Nexus or a Kindle. In fact, stats show that 72% of the UK own a mobile device.

How does this affect your business? A rise in the use of mobile devices, coupled with the growing use of social media sites such as Twitter, means that your colleagues, business partners and customers are switched on more than ever.

Gone are the days when you’d turn off your computer at the end of the working day, leaving all work related content in the office. More and more, people are taking out their mobile devices on the commute home, while they watch TV in the evenings, and even on their days off. We’re taking in more content than ever before, and 50% of mobile users are watching video on their device.

Viewers are used to getting their information fast. When it comes to video, many people are frequently watching videos only 6 or 15 seconds long, and so the sight of a 10 minute duration on YouTube results in a quick switch to something else.

Ensuring that your content is mobile ready is something that is becoming more important when it comes to video marketing, and this changes the way we approach a corporate video production.

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