Social Media and the Benefits of Video Marketing London

Marketing is such a broad term these days and has come to represent more than just the advertising industry. Whether you like it or not,  marketing is a way of life and everyone is doing it!

Social media sites are all about self promotion with the aim of the game being to get people to “like” or  “share” something you’ve either said, photographed or filmed. It’s also a must have promotional tool when it comes to trying to build an audience for an event. Like businesses, people try to sell themselves and their products every day and will follow the “competition” closely to see what’s trending and try to adapt and get in on the action.  Equally, social media sites adapt to how people are communicating and the cost of advertising on their sites goes through the roof.  As a result, businesses of all sizes pay top dollar to try and steer people to a certain promotion or website. It’s clear when you browse Twitter or Facebook at the end of the day that the marketing weapon of choice is video. In fact I’m willing to bet if you look at your Facebook feed right now you’ll see at least 3 videos!  There’s even a very good chance you’ll click on one, but how long are you going to watch it for? We only have limited moments to scroll through social sites in the day so if you don’t grab their attention in the first few seconds, you’ll loose them to the next marketing campaign… which will most likely be about cute babies or funny meerkats.

Not all video marketing campaigns have to be video ‘meerkating’ campaigns though! The most effective way to sell an idea is to make short, stylish videos which get to the point quickly and tell your audience how to find out more. Simple.  And the same rules apply in the corporate sector  because the people dreaming up big brand campaigns are the same people clicking through Facebook and YouTube on their way home. It’s a sign of the times that YouTube have removed their famous tagline of “Broadcast yourself” and have become  a much more professional broadcasting service. There are also more video hosting sites like Vimeo popping up because video is only getting more popular, more useful and more accessible.


50% of videos are watched on mobile devices so people can get the latest promotion on the move which is another reason you only have about 30-60 seconds to sell your message. Following this trend to the extreme and mostly aimed at the student generation is Snapchat, which gives you 1-10 seconds to film something to be sent once, watched once before disappearing into the matrix, never to be seen again. Good for a laugh, not always great for an effective promotion.

We live in an ever-changing competitive world and people seem to have busier lifestyles, shorter attention spans and higher standards for quality! People expect a lot more and in most cases they’re prepared to pay for it which makes sense because video promotion is possibly the most important tool and very likely to be the first impression people will have of a new product. That’s why videos need to be well planned and produced by professionals using top of the range tools with the expertise and in depth knowledge about how to make people watch and share videos. When you pay for a video you’re actually paying for an experienced production team to sell your idea in the most effective way possible.

So whether it’s video marketing London or video meerkating Africa, for the best results make sure its short, stylish and professional.

In the last year, we’ve won several prizes for our corporate videos, from editing and cinematography to technology commercials and outstanding achievements in digital video.

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