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JULY, 2016

Video of the

Each week at Holler we all sit down and show some of our favourite videos that we have seen during the week. They can range from online corporate videos to short television ads. Basically whatever gets our creative juices flowing. This week we’ve got videos ranging from piece-to-cameras to online promos.

Get In Go Far – What’s an Apprenticeship Like?

First up on our video of the week list, we have this short piece-to-camera which shows several apprentices talking about what apprenticeships are like. This is a great example of how effective a video can be when its short, to the point and shot nicely. A big thumbs up from us.

Fender Signature Flea Bass – Fender

Next up is a short video introducing the Fender Signature Flea Bass guitar. This video has got a lot of good stuff going on with it. Firstly, it’s shot really nicely. It’s got some lens flares going on, its got nice shallow depth of field and it’s shot in a really nice location. But beyond the aesthetics, we really like the sound design. Everything from the dog licking his face at the start, to the sound of the ocean nearer the end. The random set-ups on the roof was also a nice touch.

Ara: Whats Next? – Google ATAP

This next video comes from Google ATAP and it’s a promo video for the up-coming Ara mobile device. Aside from the great shots, great sound design and the clever treatment; this video is a good example of not giving too much away. It’s one of the easiest mistakes to make when making a corporate video; including too much information. You want to tease your viewers. Make them want to see more. If you tell them everything they won’t feel the need to find out more. Chances are, this video made you think “hmm, I wonder what other modules they do?”. If it did, that means it’s done what it’s supposed to do.

Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection – GQ

Last up this week is a video from GQ which shows Robert Downey Jr. showing off his watch collection. There’s no doubt that having such a large personality in a video really adds to the overall quality. But looking past that, we really like the two-camera set-up and the way that the video transitions between each segment.

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