Holler’s Videos of the Week


JULY, 2016

Video of the Week

Each week Holler takes a look at some of the other videos out there, to help us understand what other creators are making and if there is anything that we can learn from other people’s work.

This week’s videos range from staff profile videos to a promo video from Virgin Media.


We love this customer story video that Nixon Europe have made. It has some really great shots that really give it a nice ‘instagram’ feel to it. You’ll also notice that a lot of shots have framed the subject in the centre. We think this works really well. Finally, we like the fact that you never see the actual interview, you can only hear it. This works really well to keep the audience focus on her story.


Next up is an advert from Virgin Media promoting their super fast broadband. Their idea is simple, they’ve got the world’s fastest man to promote what they believe to be the world’s fastest broadband. What we love the most about this video is the edit and the treatment. We love the way they have incorporated the 9.58 seconds into the video


Next up is a teaser video for the hardcore obstacle race known as Tough Mudder. The video was made to encourage people to sign up and we think it does a great job of that. We love everything about this video. It’s fast, it’s got a lot of guts, the shots look great and the pacing of the edit works really well. A definite favourite of ours.


Last up is this awesome advert from Timberland. This is a really cool video with a really cool track. We love the edit and the cinematography in the video, but what we especially like is the way that the video cuts from person-to-person.

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