Holler’s Video of the Week


JULY, 2016

Video of the Week

Each week at Holler we all grab a coffee and gather around our meeting table to share some of the best videos that we have seen over the past week or so.

The main goal being to keep our fingers on the pulse of what is new and to also take inspiration from other content and see if we can incorporate anything new into our work.

MUFC Home Kit 16/17: One Shirt, Two Halves – Adidas

First up on video of the week is this short video from adidas promoting the launch of the new Manchester United home kit. There’s a couple of things that we like about this video. We like the way they’ve used split-screen to represent the two halves of the shirt. We also like how the sound design works with the cool motion graphics they’ve overlaid onto the video. This video was particularly enjoyed by Producer Brad & Production Assistant Simon; both passionate Man Utd fans.

CHEAT SHEET: Megapixels – The Creator Class

Another split screen video coming up. This next video is an educational video from The Creator Class designed to help better explain Megapixels. What is nice is that they’ve used one side of the screen as a visual example and the other as a visual representation. A nice way to explain and show something at the same time.

Glasses – Finish UK

Our next video comes from Finish and its a really cool advert for their dishwasher tablets. What we like about this video is that way that the glass stays in the centre of frame the whole time. Not only this, but the camera movements around the glass really help take this effect even further.

Sun, Stars, Swells: Sailing the Globe Using Nothing but Nature

Our last video this week comes from Great Big Story on vimeo, and it features a great story about a group of sailors who sail over the globe without using and modern GPS equipment. This video has got so much good stuff going on with it such as great drone shots, nice looking interview set ups etc. But what really stands out for us is the stunning close up shots. It makes you really feel as if you can reach through the screen and touch it.

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