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AUGUST, 2016

Video of the

Every Friday at Holler we all grab ourselves a coffee and come together to share some of the videos we have seen over the last 7 days. We analyse each video, giving critiques and talking about what it is that we like about them. We also look to see if there is anything we can learn from these videos and could take on into our own work.

This week in our video of the week blog, we’re looking at content ranging from a product video to sports brand promos.


First up on video of the week we have this awesome product video from Bang & Olufsen. Renowned for their high quality, high end audio & visual equipment this stunning video shows off the craftsmanship that goes into making one of the speakers. What we like most about this video is that the focus is on it being made There’s lots of beautiful macro shots combined with awesome sound design. They also don’t give much away about the product, making you want to research more about the product. We did. It’s expensive.


This next video comes from DFS, who are one of the official sponsors of Team GB at the Rio Olympics. What we really like about this video is the way they have cut between similar scenes. So in one shot you have the olympian wrapping tape around his wrist, then it cuts to a similarly framed shot of a DFS working winding up a tape measure. We really like this technique.


Next up is another olympics related video from BBC News. This video is a short story featuring Indian Gymnast featuring Dipa Karmakar from India. We love the way that this video has been shot and cut. The use of slo-mo whilst she is talking about her story is also a nice touch.

VW MK5 – Rotiform DSC

Last video from this week’s video of the week is a car promo video from a US company called Rotiform. They design and build custom forged wheels for cars. This video is essentially showing off one of their custom cars. We’ve done work with cars before (admittedly not as lairy as this one) and liked some of the shots they used to showcase the car. Especially some of the tracking shots and interior shots.

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