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JULY, 2016

Video of the Week

Every week at Holler we take some time out from the working day and have a look at some of our favourite videos of the week. They can be anything from a short film to a 30-second online advert. If we can learn from it, we watch it.

This week, we’re taking a look at videos ranging from technology ads to industrial corporate films.


Our first video of the week is a corporate film made for a petroleum company. What we like about this video is the way it has combined some really nice motion graphics with some well shot footage. If you look closely you can see that some of them even effect the environment by casting shadows. We also like the way that the shots have been edited; with focus blurs added and a really nice colour grade.


Our next video featured as one of the “Vimeo Staff Picks”. This video sat down with american radio host Jad Abumrad to discuss – you guessed it – the function of music. What makes this video great is how it has made a standard ‘talking-head’ video unique, extremely stylish and interesting. The stop-motion transitions combined with the sound design really add another dimension to this video. Style with substance. We love it.


Set up by Google, Project Bloks is a research project with the aim of creating an open hardware platform to help developers, build programming experiences for kids. What makes this video interesting is the way they have shot their interviews. You’ll notice that they have framed the subject in center of frame and left a lot of headroom. This split opinion at the Holler meeting table, some thinking that it worked and others thinking it didn’t. It’s certainly something we haven’t seen before. What do you think?


Our next video comes from Strava, who’ve made a short video promoting what it means to be an athlete. We really like the treatment and concept of this video. They’ve made this video really relatable by including clips of each person’s happiness as they reach a personal best. They’ve also captured the camaraderie between athletes really nicely. From a practical point of view; they’s also included some really nicely shot clips and the sound design is worth a mention too.


Last up on video of the week is this great social action piece from Always. The video shows actors in a studio react to being told to do something ‘Like a Girl”. The video was made to raise young girls’ self esteem as they head into puberty. We really like the message and like the way that they got the message across. We also like the way the the directors and camera crew feature in the video.

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