Video Production: Quality vs Cost


MARCH, 2017

Video Production Cost vs Quality |
What You Need To Know

Video production cost and quality; Arguably two of the biggest factors which play a part when trying to hire a video production company.

You can go for quality; you’ll pay a higher price but you’ll get a world-class video and service. Or you can go for cost; you’ll save a lot more money but you could end up with a video that does more harm than good.

Everyone has a budget. So it becomes a matter of trying to find a video production company that gives you the best value for the money you’re stumping up. But when you go ahead with making a video, you are placing your company center stage for the whole world to see.

Whether you like it or not; people will see the quality of your video as a reflection on the quality of your products. Which makes is super important that your company’s high standard are reflected in the video.

“There will always be someone who says they can do it cheaper; but at what cost?”

Look At Their Current Work

Most video production companies will have an online portfolio of examples that you can see (if they don’t then that’s major alarm bells straight off the bat).

Try to look at their work closely from a technical point of view. Good technical qualities are the basics for a well-made video, and poor technical quality is often a tell-tale sign of a cheap video. Is the video nice and sharp? Is the sound clear? Does the video cut nicely? Are the shots nice and smooth or are they really shaky?

There’s absolutely no excuse for bad technical quality, especially if they’ve put it on their portfolio. It either means they don’t really care or they can’t see the faults.

You should also look at the style of the video. This is more about color grades, graphics, editing techniques etc. Have they added some flair to the video? Does their style of work appeal to you? Also, think about how their videos engage you. If you understand the message of the video and felt it told a story, then this tells you they know how to make a video work. If the video looks quite stylish and well put together, it means someone has put a lot of time and care into the video.


You’re Also Paying For A Service

It’s worth also remembering, you’re not just paying for the quality of the video, you’re also paying for a service along the way. You wouldn’t want a shoddy service, regardless of how much you’ve paid.

So it’s also worth getting in touch with a video production company. Did they respond quickly? We’re they friendly and personable? Did they listen to what YOU wanted rather than TELL you what they think you want? Are they quoting you honestly or are they under-quoting just to win the job? All these things will give you an idea of what they will be like to work with and whther your money will be well spent with them.

The levels of quality will reflect naturally reflect in the cost, not just in the video but also in the service. The general rule of thumb is that where the quality increases, so does the video production cost. Ultimately, it’s your call where your cut off point is. In our opinion, the quality of your video will depend on the quality of the people you entrust it with.

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