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Video Production for Events |
Make The Most of Your Event

Exhibiting at events can be something that is stressful and difficult. You need to be seen, heard and hopefully make an impact at the show. The ultimate goal being generating more business. But what do you do to stand out and really make an impact at the show? It more than likely comes down to the stand.

Putting video on your event stand is a great way to catch the eye of visitors when they see your stand. It’s also been shown that having a high quality video on your stand. In short, having video on your stand is more likely to get people to stop and talk to you, rather than just walk past. This will hopefully result in an increase in potential business.

“Your video is your shop window. You need to grab people’s attention from the start.”

Before you go ahead and start planning your event video, there are a few things you should consider to make sure you’re making the most out of your video production.

It needs to be high quality – Your video will probably be one of the first things that people will notice about your stand. So if they see a poor quality video, they will immediately associate that with your product.

Be different – If you really want to catch the eye, why not do something a bit different? This could be anything from a creative treatment to different sized videos. If you’ve got vertical screens, why not make a vertical video? This sort of thing can really help to grab people’s attention.

Make it work without sound – Imagine the scenario; you’ve just spend a lot of money having an amazing stand video made that will really set you apart from the rest. But when you set it up at the event, you realise that no one will be able to hear it because of the noise. Make sure your video isn’t dependent on sound and you can still get all your messages across. Motion graphics or onscreen text can help you out here.

Companies spend lots of money preparing themselves for events and making sure that people see them in the best possible light. So making sure that you have a top quality event stand video, that will grab the audience’s attention really is one of the top priorities.

We’ve got a lot of experience in making top quality videos especially for stands at events. Get in touch with one of our guys today and let us get the cogs moving on your next video.

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