Video Production Management

Why is it so important?

Ever heard of the phrase “you get what you pay for?” I can’t talk for other marketing services, but with corporate video production services, this is definitely true. Obviously I would say that (as a producer/editor for a video production company in London, UK) but I promise I’m also going from anecdotal stories from clients and friends – honest!

So we’ve all been there. Decided we’re in need of a service. Googled said service. Trawled the resulting websites that claim to provide this service better than anyone else.  Filled in countless contact forms asking for prices for each of these ‘best-ever’ services. On receiving a vast number of quotes we quickly scan the line-by-line breakdown, focusing on the big figure in bold at the bottom. As all these places claim to be the best, they must all be great so we may as well go with the one offering to do it for the least amount of money. After all, in these hard business times we want to be making as many savings as possible. Right?

Often the more you pay the better the camera equipment and editing facilities. That probably goes without saying.  The other thing people forget about though is the management of the process throughout. I have to stop myself from saying the dreaded ‘end-to-end’ phrase – but that is basically what I’m saying. Although it’s so much more than that.

By paying slightly more you will get someone/a company that ensures your project is well managed. Someone who is an expert in video making will take charge, taking the stress off you so you can crack on with your day job. A good project manager or producer will listen. He or she will ensure they understand what you want to get out of your video production. What you need it to do, who you want to watch it. They will then help to make it happen, responding to your questions, understanding how your business ticks so that your video shows you in your best light. They make sure the camera crew who turn up on the day of the shoot are fully briefed, know exactly what they’re there to do and may even be on the shoot themselves. They will know your project like it’s their own. Give it the priority it deserves. Keeping a fully professional attitude throughout.

Why is this a good thing then? Why should you allocate some of your rapidly dwindling budget to pay for a video production company with a project management line in the budget? Well if you don’t, you could risk not getting what you want. A video that has cost a little less but isn’t exactly what you imagined. A video that isn’t going to do what you planned it would do, basically something that doesn’t give as much value back as it could.

Having a video production company that will offer project management as standard is a good thing. Ensures you get a safe pair of hands if you like.

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