Holler’s Video of the Week


AUGUST, 2016

Video of the

Each week at Holler, we put down our cameras, step away from the edit suites and come together to share some of the videos we have seen throughout the week. We talk about what we like about the videos and if there’s anything we can learn from them.

This week in our video of the week blog, we’re looking at content ranging from a promotional video for a sports channel, to a promo video for the olympics games.


First up on video of the week we have this awesome promo video from BT Sport. It’s being used to promote the different competitions they will be showing for the up-coming football season. Aside from being a nice punchy edit with a great music track, their used of split-screens here is astounding. They’ve combined four different clips to make it appear as one. Feel for the person who had to spool through all of that archive footage!


Our next video is a staff pick from Vimeo and was made to show the makers passion for basketball. This is a really nicely shot video and it’s also got some great sound design. But what we really like about this video is the way that they’ve played around with the pacing. There’s a nice combination of slow motion videos and fast, punchy clips.


Next up is one out of a series of videos from BP featuring their Olympic and Paralympic athletes. This particular video features Jessica Ennis-Hill and it talks about how she doubted herself after motherhood, but then returned 6 months later to become world champion. We like the way that they’ve done it with the voiceover and think the inclusion of “BP presents” is a nice touch. We also really like the ways that it shows the parallels between the sports shots and the domestic shots.

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