Vine Vs Instagram – Who Will Come Out On Top?

Following the announcement of Instagram‘s new 15-second video feature, it has now been reported that Vine has seen a significant drop in users in just one week.

Marketing Land have used analytical tool Topsy to determine the amount of Vines compared to the amount of Instagrams shared on Twitter, and the results show what appears to be a significant loss of users for Vine.

Vine, acquired by Twitter in October 2012, saw a drop of almost 70 percent from mid-June through to the launch of Instagram videos on June 20.

Interestingly, the report did not show a great rise in Instagram links shared, despite the apparent huge fall in Vine shares.

This report however, was quickly met with questioning from various online sources, suggesting the Topsy analysis may not be the most accurate way to determine how many videos where shared from each service.

Mike Isaac of All Things Digital wrote that “Marketing Land’s initial measurement method was flawed, insofar as the author’s graph only showed tweets and influential people, while presenting it as a representation of Twitter links as a whole”, suggesting that as the data was not a complete representation, it could not show a truthful insight.

Perhaps in reaction to Instagram‘s new video feature, the Vine have team posted a blog last week promising the release of some “exciting new parts of Vine” within the next few weeks. The new features cold push Vine back to the social-video-sharing top spot, if it has in fact slipped due to Instagram’s success.

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