Web Video Adverts for Companies: 4 Top Tips

Web adverts are now one of the main platforms for businesses to get the word out. Online advertising is actually looking like it will soon overtake all other methods of promotion. What with YouTube having billions of viewings per day, it’s essential to be in the place where you have access to your customers and prospects and creating a web video advert can really help to get your brand and message in front of millions.

With consumers being bombarded by online ads, it’s becoming a battlefield to get noticed. Getting lost in the crowd isn’t hard to do if you’re a small business.

Whichever your choice of online video ads, whether it’s content marketing, Adwords, Twitter or Facebook, it’s essential to get everything right for the best return on investment. Not only will you get found by prospects, but you could save money in the process.

Here are our tips for you to get the most from your online ad investments:

Get your web video ad foundWeb and Social Media Video Production

Getting your web video ad visible is half the battle, make sure you post across multiple platforms / social media i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. Using eye catching images with bright colours can go a long way in getting you noticed. It’s also absolutely vital to promote a relevant message to the right target market. It’s easy for the inexperienced to waste money on the wrong market with an entirely wrong message.

Keep web video adverts for companies sweet and short

There is a large competition for views and, with attention spans getting shorter and shorter, keeping the ad short increases the chances of it being viewed from start to finish. We recommend using a video that is built for mobile devices, and up to 90 seconds long at maximum for best results. A video that can be watched whilst on the go, and compelling enough to retain the attention of viewers is best.

Make your video memorable

With audiences being bombarded with content all the time, you want to make sure that yours is the video they remember. If this isn’t an area that you’re experienced in, take advice from professionals. They will know how to create media that strikes a chord with your target market and is interesting enough to be remarked upon or at least recalled a day after.

Have a clear message

You want to make sure that people remember your company and your message, not just the advert. Gain clarity by selecting just one message to deliver per video. To learn more about what is effective, watch television adverts and how they highlight one message per viewing.
In summary, the video that is a quality production and built to resonate with your target audience is the one that will work. Quality content is essential as being seen at a weak moment won’t leave the right impression. Quality over quantity is important in your online web video adverts.

Our business is to offer web video adverts for companies and we’ve done a lot of it. Call us today to discuss your ideas and we will let you know what we can do for you and provide you with links to what we’ve done for other businesses.

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