Who Shot The Bride? Wedding Video Production

It’s your big day. Months of meticulous planning are crammed into 24 hours that pass in a blur. How will you recall your wedding day in the future: by watching a neatly-edited wedding video production that captures every key moment, or hunched over a laptop sifting through hours of dodgy footage? If you’re looking for professional wedding video production London, here are some handy hints to help you get the best of the most important event of your life.


The casting couch

Choosing how to record your special day is tricky. Today, most cameras have video, and user-friendly editing software makes everyone think they’re an expert. It’s tempting to ask a friend or family member to do the honours, or perhaps pick the cheapest videographer to save money – but set an appropriate budget for your video. Anything else is false economy in the long run.

  • Look for a wedding video production company with a great track record – don’t put trust and money in someone who’s just starting out or is using you as a guinea-pig to build their portfolio. Check they have plenty of recent examples on their website and for added reassurance, contact couples who’ve used the company before – what was their experience like?
  • Meet the team you’ll be working with on the day, not a sales rep acting on their behalf. Feel comfortable that your videographer understands your wedding theme and your personality; and look for some chemistry between you so you can trust them to carry out your wishes. On a practical level, check you’re not going to be let down at the last minute – have they got the resources to cope if they over-commit or someone calls in sick?
  • Establish what you’ll be getting for your money and how it will be filmed. Do you want something special like live streaming, social media and mobile video or even HD or 3-D? Or simply copies of DVDs to send to family and friends? Take their advice, but don’t be afraid to express your own preferences.


The all-important script

Planning is everything. You don’t want to lose the spontaneity but remember: you only get one shot at this.

  • Agree a filming schedule in advance to ensure the videographer covers every key moment before, during and after the ceremony. You’ll be busy on the day, so you’re relying on them to capture treasured memories.
  • Share the programme for your day with the videographer and don’t forget to discuss any music you’d like using on the backing track.
  • It’s a great idea to ask your wedding video production team to attend the rehearsal, but if this isn’t possible, allow them to prepare adequately by describing the venue in detail. Where will the action take place – is it mostly indoors or outdoors, for example? How will they handle lighting and sound?


Lights, cameras, action!

It’s your day – who’s calling the shots? When it comes to orchestrating your wedding, you’re in charge. Check that your wedding video production company will be discreet and unobtrusive. They’re there to capture the atmosphere and excitement after all, not direct a home movie.


Happily ever after?

A survey of brides from 2005 by Wedding and Event Videographers Association International (WEVA) found that 98% recommended future brides have their wedding videoed and of those who didn’t do so, two thirds said with hindsight, they wish they’d paid for a professional wedding video production. So plan ahead, and you’ll have a lasting reminder of your wedding day that captures the action perfectly, allowing you to relive it and share it with friends and family, now and in future.

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