Looking to find out what the best corporate video examples are in the UK. First, let’s understand what the term Corporate video means. Well, it’s an umbrella term that defines a wide range of visual content. 

  • It can be a recruitment video showing why people should work for a particular company. 
  • It might be a message to stakeholders or something to improve brand visibility. 
  • It can also include internal videos that are designed to support or train your staff
  • It could be a testimonial where a satisfied customer tells the world what they liked about your company. 

Corporate videos are not generally straight advertising where you’re trying to sell a product or service but they have an important role to play for businesses of all sizes. 

The team at TechTV makes some of the best corporate videos in the UK. Here are some of our favourites: 


1. London Energy Brand Video

London Energy came to us to produce their latest flagship video. They wanted the video to showcase their values and the hard work they were doing in the north of London.

A brand video is a great way to show your brand’s identity, values and work within one short video. Like many successful corporate videos, this London Energy brand video tells a story, talking to three of their employees and it gets London Energy’s messages out in an easy to watch video.


2. UKPN Cable Plow Case Study

UK Power Networks came to use needing a video to showcase the Cable Plow. The shoot consisted of drones, machinery and amazing scenery. We all really enjoyed the whole process of the video from the planning to the filming and then the editing.

We particularly liked this one because the use of the drone shots was able to show the scale of the operation UKPN were undertaking. The pieces to camera from different experts are interchanged to tell the story of the company and what it’s hoping to achieve. The language used is empathetic and not over technical but the real key is in the script and how it is delivered, holding the viewer’s attention. 


3. Excellerate Company Video

This project came to us when Excellerate Services wanted to produce a video for their cleaning company. They wanted a sleek video that showcased their services mixed in with interview pieces to camera from some of the key people within their organisation. 

It’s important to consider your audience when it comes to the length of your video and working with a production team can ensure that you keep it as tight as possible while still delivering the results that you are looking for.


4. YLD/DAZN Customer Testimonial

YLD approached us to create a customer testimonial to showcase how their partnership with DAZN has improved the everyday running of the business.

We needed to tell a coherent story that flows well, stays interesting and covers all the relevant elements of what the client wanted the video to say.


Why Choose TechTV 

These are some of the best corporate video examples in the UK that demonstrate the scope and breadth of what can be produced. The key is creating a finished product that achieves its aim, whether that’s encouraging new customers or clients or simply boosting brand awareness. Working with the right video production company is critical. 

At TechTV, we’ve got a proven track record of creating innovative videos for our customers and we’ve worked with many different businesses over the years. If you’d like to find out how our friendly and professional team can deliver a corporate video that will help you stand out from the crowd, contact us today.