Why Online Videos Are Great For Your Business

Video is a very powerful marketing tool. It has been a popular medium for some time, but over the last 2 years the effectiveness and demand for video marketing has soared, and it’s not hard to see why.


Online Videos Are Powerful Marketing Tools

In modern times, online video marketing is almost vital for your business. When Google conducted a study into the success of online video versus other content marketing mediums, they found that videos were the most popular form of marketing. Branded video content reaches nearly half of all Internet users in the UK, and has been proven to be 6 times more successful than print or online media in terms of getting attention and focus.

It’s Growing Every Day

According to surveys, online video will be responsible for over 69% of all consumer Internet traffic in just 2 years time. Since the advent of YouTube in 2005 over 300 hours of video is uploaded every minute, and video has become the go-to solution for millions of people worldwide, learn how to repair an amplifier or apply a specific type of makeup – there are videos for just about every topic imaginable. Every day more businesses upload their own corporate videos, and more and more content is shared and spread to hundreds of thousands of Internet users.

Video Is Mobilecorporate video production london

Since April, mobile is the new buzzword on the marketing scene. Google announced it will be promoting websites that are mobile friendly over those still using standard designs across the board. This comes following the realisation that over 80% of Internet users browse using a mobile device. YouTube also reports that over half of it’s 1 billion users watch videos on their mobile devices, making it one of the most powerful platforms for reaching a wide and varied audience.

In Case That Didn’t Convince You…

Users are 64% more likely to buy a product from your online store if they have first seen a video for it. Whether that’s a video advertising it or showing them how to use it, it doesn’t matter, but that video connection is what makes the difference. You will also find that 59% of people online right now would prefer to  watch a video about a product or service than read a chunk of text, so it’s always worth considering this route.

So what’s stopping you? Get in touch with Holler today and start your journey towards innovative, creative and eye-catching corporate video. Your customers will thank you, and your business will thank you even more!

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