January…everyone’s making plans for the next 12 months and the good resolutions they’re going to try their best to keep! If you’re thinking your video marketing needs get bigger and better in 2020, here are 4 key ways to shape up your video content.

Focus by setting clear goals

Just like any good exercise regime, clear goals are a very important consideration in your projects. The most successful videos are the ones that have focused goals aimed at achieving a key business objective. Setting realistic goals for your videos will help you keep track of their effectiveness across a campaign and ensure you’re getting value.


If you’re trying to achieve specific goals; better stamina or 6-pack abs, developing a unique, tailored program will undoubtedly get you the best results. By the same token, it cannot be overstated how important creative development is to an effective video. Consistent, high-quality, engaging content doesn’t come from a light bulb moment, it comes from clear briefs, given to a creative team who produce great ideas to achieve the end goal. It’s important to keep things interesting so you, or your audience, don’t get bored.

Promote your video with social media etc

If you’re proud say it loud! Once you’ve put all that hard work in you should make sure people see it! Putting your video out onto the web makes it available to the biggest audience possible but without the extra support of social media posts, mailshots, and the resources to monitor and measure the results can jeopardise its ability to get to the right audiences.

Examine the results and adapt

Once your video is out in the wild, it’s time to hop on the scales, get the tape measure out and evaluate its reception and learn from the audience’s response. You can make changes to its promotion and adapt your future workouts videos to improve their effectiveness.

New Year’s Resolutions can be hard to keep but with these tips, you’ve got everything you need to make sure your video marketing is in the best shape it can be. Get in touch today to speak to our video fitness specialists!