The Wonderful World of Filming & Surfing

In England we don’t exactly have the best weather, most days are wet or grey or just cold. Rarely do we get a whole week on consistent sun. Now working in video production, this can cause problems. Planning shoots that need outdoor filming can come down to the wire with the weather, even to the point you have to re-schedule the night before. It’s a nightmare. However, over in Hawaii, I doubt that’s much of a problem, and when you’re planning to film some surfers, you ideally want the sun.

And boy, did the sun shine when Dan Norkunas went out to film arguably the best big wave ever caught by a woman. The combination of sun, huge waves, great surfers and a good soundtrack, it’s hard not to capture great video footage.

The reason ‘Bending Jaws’ works so well is not only the fact the waves are huge, I think at one point one of the surfers states ’10 feet, so it’s picking up’, but the build up and preparation beforehand just sets the tone for what is about to come. Add some super slow mo, a seriously intense/dramatic track and some of the biggest waves I’ve ever seen and you’ve got a seriously good surfing video. One of my personal favourites.

This video has everything, it makes your heart miss a bit when you think they’re going to fall, excitement and jubilation when you see the perfect run and then just pure sadness when the video ends.

During the colder months I tend to watch a lot of surfing videos, not only to try and warm myself up, but also to see where the video production of surfing videos have gone. The addition of slow mo to surfing videos has just added a whole new level, and watching experience. When I was younger watching surfing was still great but it was over in a flash, now we can really savour the great runs, the gigantic waves and just wish we could encounter that kind of epicness on our coasts.


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