Make Your Marketing Budget Go Further

When we’re working in Bracknell, Reading and Guildford, we often find that our clients are looking for ways to stretch their budgets.

A great way to a stretch your marketing budget is to take advantage of social networking sites. Making a company page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn is free and enables you to share your product or service with the world. Regular updates are essential as it will remind customers of what you can offer, so be sure to write a status or tweet about your next big event and keep followers up to date with any relevant news – but remember, mix this up with helpful hints and interesting links so as not to bore your readers.

Reaching the top of search engine rankings is something most companies aspire to, as it increases the likelihood of a potential customer finding you and getting in contact. To increase your chances, regularly update your website with new content and use language that you think clients might use when searching for your services.

One way to keep things fresh and interesting, is to upload marketing videos to YouTube – which is owned by search engine giant Google. With YouTube now the world’s second biggest search engine, it shouldn’t be overlooked, and can form a key part of your marketing strategy. Short monthly video updates can keep followers interested in your work, and attract new customers and opportunities. With 1 hour of video uploaded to YouTube every second, you’ll need to make yours stand out from the crowd. Linking your videos to your website and social networking sites will ensure that as many people as possible will see them, helping those all important search rankings.

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