Make Your YouTube Video Search-Happy

We often blog about making your corporate marketing video, but what should you do once your video is complete?

Many people are now uploading their videos to YouTube ready to be viewed by some of the 1 billion unique monthly users across the world. The only problem with this, is thatĀ amongstĀ the 4 billion videos uploaded to YouTube every month, it can be hard to make your video stand out or even be found by your target market.

So how do you get your video seen?

The likelihood of a potential customer finding your video is greatly increased if you carefully choose how you name and describe it. Think of keywords that your clients may use when searching for your services. For example, customers may not be looking for a ‘company video’, they will be looking for a service such as ‘Cloud Storage’, potentially with a location to narrow down their search, for example ‘Cloud Storage London’. So consider naming your video something that a client might search for, rather than something generic.

It can be helpful to set up a YouTube channel with you company branding, so that when your video is found, it can be linked back to your company. Your YouTube channel should include contact details and a link to your website so that it is easy to get in touch. Make sure you fill out a description, again using language that you think a client might use when searching for your services.

These are just a few things that can help improve the chances of your video being seen. At Holler, we’ll advise you on getting your video online, making it search-friendly and we can even help you set up your branded YouTube channel so that your corporate marketing video can be seen by as many people as possible.

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