Using Video In Your 2014 Marketing Strategy

Back in the office today? You may be thinking about how you can make 2014 your best year yet. Here are some some great ways to integrate video into your 2014 marketing strategy. 

In a recent article on Social Media Today, Social Media Consultant Anita Loomba has made her predictions for digital marketing trends in 2014. Along with social media and content driven marketing, it comes as no surprise that video marketing is expected to continue to grow in the new year.

“It goes without saying that videos have the ability to convey a message that is ten times more powerful than text content” writes Loomba, “Combined with the mobile potential, we predict that video marketing will grow even more in 2014.”

Not only that, but 2014 looks set to favour short-form video content with influences from apps such as Vine and Instagram. In Search Engine Watch’s Top 10 Precictions for Video in 2014, Greg Jarboe writes that “several important micro-trends have been associated with short-form video content,” leading marketers to opt for shorter videos to create maximum impact.

“The arrival of short-form content platforms was one of the inevitable surprises in 2013” says Jarboe, “and its rise is one of the more predictable trends in 2014.”

So how can you make video work for your marketing strategy? Well, it’s actually much easier than you think.

Video marketing is something that fits in well with other campaigns, such as social media and mobile, and can improve your SEO.


Getting video onto your website should be your first port of call. Last year, stats showed that video attracts more monthly visitors, doubles time spent on the site and makes it 53 percent more likely that your site will show up on page 1 of Google. All of this can lead to future business and a greater return on investment, so video really is an important tool. Your website can feature various different videos. We would recommend a short promotional video on your home page, but you can also include product demos and customer testimonial videos on other pages of your site.

2013 saw a boom in social media, both in the launch of new sites and in the way social media has become integrated into our every day lives. Social media is bound to grow in 2014, but diversity is key. Forbes have predicted that businesses will need to branch out and use various social media platforms in order to reach new audiences and establish themselves on the web. Videos are much more likely to be shared by other uses than text, so getting your message out in a video can be of great benefit. Remember to keep it short and straight to the point to keep your audience engaged.

Apps like Vine and Instagram have allowed businesses to advertise to new audiences on a completely new platform. “Brevity has made product teases cool again,” writes Greg Jarboe, as big brands have taken to apps like Vine to give customers a quick glimpse of what’s to come. Taking advantage of Apps can allow you to tease your products, but also to give your brand personality buy showing ‘behind the scenes’ clips, introducing your team or announcing a competition. Get creative and you can make short form video apps work for you. Don’t forget to share your videos on social media too!

Mobile is of course going to be another big trend in 2014, and it’s going to become increasingly important that your website and videos are ‘mobile friendly‘. However, you may not always be in a great 4G area, and so we always advise keeping short promotional videos actually stored on your phone or tablet. This means you can show new contacts or customers what you do, even if technology fails you. It’s like an elevator pitch in your pocket.

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