What Can Video Production Do For Your Business in 2016?

Video production is now an integral part of how companies generate business, engage audiences, and even bump up Google listings! In the modern era it really is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

There are many benefits to adding video to your website. Here’s just a few…

Increase Engagement

Video ProductionPeople are 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on video content, than they are with other blogs or other social posts.

Inform Quicker

Video content, done well can be more engaging than text-driven marketing, it can also convey your message much quicker than text as it’s much more easily and lazily digestible.

Improve your SEO

According to Comscore.com, the addition of video can increase the chance of a front page Google listing by 53 times! That’s a lot!

Increase customer confidence

More than 50% of people say they are more confident buying a product online if they have seen a video of that product or service.

Evoke Emotion

Video ProductionThere’s no better way to evoke emotion online – nothing can be as moving and attention grabbing as video – nothing!

Any old video content simply won’t do. Be sure to follow these simple tips to maximise engagement…

Keep it short.

Studies suggest that audience engagement falls dramatically after 30 seconds and more so with customers unfamiliar with the brand.

Keep it simple.

Less is really more. Calls-to-action and in-depth interviews can be lengthy, and use up valuable video time, which could use more engaging content.

A good rule is to create maximum impact in minimum time.

Finding a video production company that delivers top quality work is a no-brainer for business. Contact us today and we can help you grow your business with the power of video.

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