5 Mistakes With The Apprentice Contestants’ Video Productions

The Apprentice. Season 10 Episode 4 saw the teams go head to head creating a YouTube channel, and embark into the world of video production. One team chose to to go after playful cookery demonstrations, the other went for health and fitness. The pressure understandably got to them and their inexperience was considerably noticeable throughout. It was a perfect example of how not to produce videos. Here’s 5 mistakes the contestants shouldn’t have made, but did.

1. Have a clear vision of what you want

One team went with idea of the ‘Fat Daddy’ health and fitness videos. Confusion came in the boardroom when Lord Alan Sugar found that the line between funny and serious was blurred. Planning is everything. It is important to always have a vision to strive towards so that you have a plan and are not making it up as you go along.

2. Market it correctly – The same team had some issues when uploading their video and by leaving out the description. Although they shouldn’t be more than three sentences long, having absolutely no sentences isn’t really going to cut it either. The description is important and helps Youtube’s discovery system see what your video is about and helps people to view it, which is the whole point after all.

3. Understanding your role

Both teams had a bit of trouble with this. Although filmmaking is a collaborative process, knowing both your own and other peoples roles is important, and so is respecting them. If everyone does their own job correctly and trusts everyone else to do the same then the production can progress smoothly.

4. Know your audience

Both teams were very unsure of themselves during the pitching process. You can’t go after your target audience if you aren’t confident with who they are and understand what they want. Having an audience and knowing these things is vital in the marketing of your company.

5. Use professionals

Let’s face it. It was amateur hour over there. But video production is a complicated process right from the get go so can you really blame them? Whether you need ideas, scripting, filming or post-production services – if you want the best results, use the pros… like  Holler. (Too obvious?)




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