Is Your Message Mobile?

:: This blog post was written by us for Brand Republic and first appeared on their site

You’ve got a mobile, yes? I’m guessing an iPhone or iPad. And you probably use them an awful lot.

Ok, so what about the creative content you produce at work? Is that mobile friendly? If you were viewing it on a small screen, on the move, would it look as good as it does on the large iMac in the office?

By 2014, it’s looking like there will be more mobile devices on the planet than there are people, so it’s massively important that your content works on the small screen.

 At our video production company, we’ve had to rethink the advice we give to clients about the videos and films we make for them, stressing the need to think less about PCs and large screens, and more about mobile.

In terms of video, online viewing now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and the audience for mobile video viewing has grown by 262 per cent in the last year. So, there’s now no point making something that looks great on a 42-inch screen, if you can’t make sense of it on a four-inch one.

And the same logic applies for websites, press releases, photos, PDFs and so on.  

Test your content

Check all your content on multiple devices – does it work, can you read it? Do pictures show up well? Does it leap out at you? If not, re-design. 

Keep it brief

Think about brevity – keep things short. Sub-edit content or break things up into sections. If you have video content, look at chopping this into bite-sized chunks. There’s only so much you can consume on the move. 

Keep it light

If you are on the move, you probably don’t have enough battery life or signal to wait for a page to load or a PDF to download. Cut and paste the most important four sentences into the email itself and reference the attachment.

Lot of effort? Maybe, but it’s worth it.

Research shows that people are much more receptive to marketing and PR messages via mobile – they’ll open them to kill time on the move.

So by getting a bit more mobile friendly, you could win some more mobile friends.

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