The Ski Video To Put All Others To Shame

SKIING LEDs NIGHTSki videos are filled with danger, thrill seekers but recently, more often than not, you can guarantee they feature one thing: repetition. Of all the thousands of videos of Skiers gliding down pristine, white mountains you could count on one hand the amount that made you sit up and say ‘woah’, with some fingers left over. But there is a new, worth and quite honestly breathtaking addition to the list – the Afterglow Lightsuit Segment.

You might have seen us sharing around the three minute teaser trailer, but since then the 12 minute full version has just been released – and it is breathtaking. According to their interview with Wired “making each light suit required sewing 7,000 LEDs onto each skiers’ gear. Of course, some of them would burn out or otherwise go on the fritz, bringing filming to a halt while repairs were made.”

Filming this must have been a nightmare, logistically as they also had “eight 4,000-watt lights, accented with smaller lights and gels to add contrast and fill. All told, the lighting and filming gear—which included several RED EPIC cameras and an octocopter—weighed 9,000 pounds”. Whatever problems they encountered which by the sounds of it, there were a lot of, us at the office sure are happy they persevered!

Check Out The Video Below:

AFTERGLOW – Full Film by Sweetgrass Productions from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.


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