Amazing Product Videos | What You Need To Know

You may have one product, you may have many products, regardless you need to convince your customer that it’s your product they should buy over anyone else. It may be that your product has something different about it, is unique or is purely just a better product (in your eyes anyway), but how do get this across?

People have the ability to research more and more nowadays, and a recent survey found that 88% of adult online shoppers research before purchasing online. It’s knowing how to make your product stand out, grab the customer and make them purchase. One way to help that process is by showing off and showcasing some amazing product videos.

Here’s some tips on how to make amazing product videos:

Find an Experienced Video Production Company

There’s┬áso much choice out there, a huge amount of video production companies filling the pages of Google. But it’s finding the right one for you, and a team that are experienced and skilled at what they do. Make sure to give the┬ácompany a call, or at least email with plenty of information. If you’ve got a set idea on look and style, no problem, talk it through with one of the team. The right video production company will listen to your needs, and guide you through the process.

Cheap Isn’t Always Best

Amazing product videos don’t come cheap, however there are ways of making your budget go further. The right video production company will advise on how best to plan the shoot. It might be shooting all your products in a day, if possible, and then spend more time in the edit. You’ll find that you can probably film more products in a studio, in a day, due to the fact the crew will have control of the area.

Showcase Your Amazing Product Videos

If you’ve gone through the process of producing your amazing product videos, you need to get them out there. Everywhere your product features, try and get your video alongside. This will give your customer no doubt that your product is the one to choose. Make sure you’ve got the video uploaded on your website, YouTube page, Facebook and any other social media pages you run.

If you’re after some amazing product videos, get in touch with one of team at Holler and we’ll help bring your idea to life.

We recently produced a set of product videos for premier consumer electronics brand ION Audio, check one of them out here: