How To Create An Amazing Travel Video Production

You may own a hotel in a remote location, or provide some of the best boat tours in the country, but how do you get people to find you? One thing that should be at the top of your list is an amazing travel video production, showcasing the best bits and breathtaking visuals to grab the viewers attention.

With amazing travel video production, the key is to grab the viewers attention quickly and put your ‘wow’ shots up front. Include everything that makes your company different, and why people should book your service over others. You don’t need to go into too much detail in your video, as your website will probably already do that. Give the viewer enough to excite them and wanting to find out more.

Working with a video production company that can plan, shoot and edit the video will ensure high quality and consistency through the project. If you have multiple locations, it’s worth working with one video production company and let them help you plan the shoot. You risk having your video content looking inconsistent if you use multiple video production companies.

Why video is the way forward:


  1. Landing page video for your website is very attractive.
  2. Google and other search engines give high rankings to sites with video content.
  3. Video production can sell your business more than any amount of text or images can.
  4. Lift yourself above competitors and win bookings.
  5. Highly consumable content viewable through Smartphones and tablets.
  6. Attract visitors at a travel show to your booth with a monitor playing a beautiful film of your property.
  7. You could hold a visitor on your site that much longer.


Amazing Travel Video ProductionThere is power in amazing travel video production. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; well a video is worth a thousand pictures. People are more likely to want to make a purchase after seeing an amazing video than they are an amazing picture.

That is the power of an amazing travel video production. However, just like in any other video production, you must carry out detailed research before creating an amazing video with the right impact. You should consider whom the video is going to target? What is your budget for the video? Do you intend to hire a professional to shoot the video? Have you considered locations? It requires diligent planning to come up with an amazing travel video.

Also, are you thinking of hiring actors or models for the video? If yes, then you should think about contacting a modelling agency to get the right actors or models for your video. This can be a challenging process but with careful planning, and organisation it can be completely stress-free.

In most travel video productions, there is a display of luxurious products, breathtaking designs, and sophisticated locations. If you plan to showcase new products and special offers, consider preparing the products in time and hiring an expert to handle the décor and location design. You want your video production to have the right impact, don’t compromise on quality. If you pull it off, you should be able to win new customers and increase sales.

Our team of talented creatives have a lot of experience in travelling to far flung regions of the globe to create stunning content abroad. Want us to help create your next amazing travel video production? Get in touch today and one of our team will help bring your ideas to life.

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