How To Make An Award Winning Video Production

Making an award winning video is a great achievement for any production company and their corporate clients. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to guarantee your next corporate video wins an award, but there are a few things you can do to give your business the best chance possible. 

Corporate videos don’t have to be the boring talking-head videos that they have the reputation for. Your business video may have a serious purpose, and of course it needs to reflect your brand, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t look great and have an imaginative treatment. Think about what you’d like to watch, and what kind of videos grab your attention. If you’re stuck for ideas, then give creative control over to your video production company and let them come up with some ideas that are different to the norm.

If your budget will allow, get out of the office and film something really interesting. Beautiful camera work is a key part of any award winning video, but there are only so many ways to shoot an office! What’s far more impressive is getting out there and showing exactly how and where your business helps others, showing off any kit and getting footage of your staff in action. If this isn’t possible for your business, why not think about using animation or stock footage to portray how you work or where you’re based.

Even if you’ve got a great idea, a low quality video with shaky shots and an unimaginative edit isn’t going to win you any awards. Awarding bodies are impressed with high production values  – but this doesn’t necessarily mean a high price! Make sure you have a good team of people behind you who can shoot well, direct well and edit well. If you’re not sure whether your video production company is right for the job, take a look at videos they’ve made in the past and see if there are any that have the quality and style you’re after, this is usually a good indicator that they’re up to it.

Your company my have a tried and tested method for creating their corporate videos, but this does not mean that a different idea will not be effective. Make an impression by trying something new, different to previous videos from your company and your competitors, and it can result in a far more impressive and creative video. Think about what is trending right now in terms of marketing – short form videos, interactive content, and mobile ready projects can all benefit your business and will keep your marketing strategy fresh.

In the last year, we’ve won several prizes for our corporate videos, from editing and cinematography to technology commercials and outstanding achievements in digital video.

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