Binge On Corporate Video

On-demand media streamer Netflix has been looking into how it’s subscribers like to view their content, and it turns out that many of us enjoy a video binge, watching our favourite shows in bulk. When an entire series is at hand, viewers are more likely to play one episode after another, rather than wait a day or even a week as television shows have traditionally been watched. From this, Netflix decided to launch it’s own drama ‘House of Cards’ and made the entire series available the view instantly.

At Holler, we’ve been thinking about whether ‘binge watching’ can work for our clients and their marketing strategies. How would it affect your pitch if instead of showing potential customers or investors one video at a meeting, you had all your promotional material available for them to look through at their own pace? For example on your website, or even on your iPad, you could have a page of short videos showing the different areas of your business, and the viewer can choose to look at as many as they like.

Would the ability to get a glimpse into your brand through a series of videos gain more interest in your business? We think that for this to be effective, the videos would have to be short and snappy, to gain interest in the topics and encourage further questions. It might not work for everyone, but we think it’s interesting at the very least.

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