How Many Camera Crew Members Do I Need on My Corporate Video Production


JULY, 2016

Corporate Video Production

Crewing your corporate video production will always come down to what is involved, and of course, the logistics of the shoot. Each and every single shoot and camera crew will be completely different from each other, no matter how you put it there is no way you can use the same setup for different shoots.

We tend to find that a camera crew of 3-4 can usually cope with most corporate video productions. Although, when there are actors involved, multiple locations involved etc, you may want more. Many other factors are involved in the process of the production and therefore will ultimately determine how many camera crew members your shoot will need.

“You want to work with a video production company who will crew the job properly,  and not have people aimlessly wandering around not doing anything.”

The true art of a successful production involves finding the right people for the job and not having any one extra running around doing nothing. Clearly this is a waste of budget and can be used in other more useful area for your production.


“We always try and make sure that the crew is attentive, keeps busy and isn’t wasting time on the shoots. You want to work with a camera crew that wants to make you look good, and we aim to please”


This is why it is essential to work with a company that knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to crewing for corporate video production. Having experience will allow us to assign the right task to the right people and have the optimal number of crew around to ensure the shoot runs both smoothly and successfully.


Ok, so here are some other factors which could influence the number of crew members on your corporate video production:

  • Number of locations involved in your shoot
  • Number of actors involved on your shoot
  • Number of equipment you have on your shoot and how heavy it is.
  • Logistics of moving everyone and all equipment to and from the shoot.
  • How long will it take to setup the set and equipment, or even get the location ready to the point where it’s ready to be shot.
  • How complicated the actual shoot will be, does your shoot need a lot of props? Does it need someone to set it up to look good?
  • How much planning does your shoot need, does it require some special requirement that needs a dedicated crew member (or even multiple crew members) to attend to your requirement?
  • How complicated is the post production requirement, generally speaking the post production for corporate video is relatively simple but it still ultimately depends on your requirement.
  • And of course your budget for the shoot.


The number of camera crew members on a shoot will be determined by your requirement and the actual logistics of achieving your expectations. Having a small crew is very useful in the sense that things will be done faster and less complications can occur. However sometimes this is not possible, some shoots are simply too complicated to be achieved with a small crew and will require more assistants running around and solving problems.

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