Can Online Video Improve SEO?

Video has rapidly become one of the most important features for anyone concerned with SEO or brand recognition. So why are online videos good for your SEO? 93 percent of all online experiences now begin with a search engine, and if your website includes video then you’re likely to appear within the top few results thanks to Google’s new video-friendly algorithm. There are a number of reasons why video content can benefit any website, so check out why you should be including online video in your brand’s strategy.


Videos Make People Click

One of the biggest mistakes brands make at the moment is overloading their pages with text based online content. As Digital Sherpa revealed, only 20 percent of online visitors will read text-based content in its entirety, compared to over 80 percent who would rather watch a video. People no longer have the time to read lengthy text laden pages. Whether its a corporate video, promotional or a marketing video, you can include the same amount of information but for a fraction of the time. People are actually more likely to stay on your page if they’ve got something that will catch their eye, like online video content.


Video Is More Engaging

Videos are generally more engaging for users. A study by Statistic Brain found that the average length watched of a single internet video is 2.7 minutes. The same study revealed 17 percent of all non-video page views lasted less than 4 seconds, so video content is definitely more engaging. Including motion graphics is also an effective way to keep viewers more engaged, and additionally, more likely to click on any in-video links. Getting viewers to stay on your page longer , and any clicks won from this increased engagement, is going to rapidly build your online presence and search engine rankings.

Google Loves Video

I know we’ve said this before but Google really does love video. Don’t limit your online video production to just being on your website, particularly with Google’s new algorithm. It focuses less on key word optimisation and more about prized quality content. This means if you’ve got a video on YouTube or embedded on your website, then you’re more likely to appear higher on its searches over most text-based results. So it can be really beneficial to upload your video to YouTube and Vimeo to grab as much attention as you can.


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